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NAJAC - Fortress / Garrison Town

Najac castle keep - Le Donjon de Najac

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N° : - -  The Town of Najac
N° : - -  Najac's Tourist Office (Syndicat d'Initiative.)
N° : 3 -  Garrison Governor's House
N° : 6 -  Ancient Gateway to the Fortress
N° : 7 -  Church of St John the Evangelist
N° : - -  Pont St Blaise - ⅩⅢth century

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Najac ruined castle

The photographs below show the castle from the town, and, the town from the castle entrance, notice the " ribbon development " of the town along the ridge of the hills.

Najac - Town Najac castle

This " ribbon development " is particularly apparent in the aerial view below, the castle of Najac stands on a promontary created by the river Aveyron which has carved a deep horseshoe shaped route for itself far below :

Najac from the air


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