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The construction of St John the Evangelist's church began in 1258 in accordance with the orders of the “tribunaux de l'Inquisition” and Alphonse de Poitiers, brother to the King of France and husband of Jeanne de Toulouse the only heir to the title Compté de Toulouse.
Effectively the Najacois were accused of the Cathar heresy: the construction of the church (at their cost!) constituted a punishment to break their independance.
Above the main entrance one can see in the façade a Roman style Christ, which came from the ancient church of St Martin.
Of southern Gothic style, the church is especially characterized by its external simplicity
St Jean l'Evangeliste - Najac
See also the austerity of the interior. The characteristics of southern Gothic are there: nave without “bâs-côtés”, no transept, vaults placed between the buttresses and little ornamental sculpture.
St Jean the Evangelist - Najac St Jean l' Evangeliste - Najac

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