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midicanalThe Midi Canal

Midi Kanal, Frankreich - Deutsch UbersetzungMidi Kanal, Frankrig - Dansk VersionMidi Canal - Version EspagnoleCanal du Midi - Version FrancaiseThe Midi CanalHet Kanaal van Midi - Nederlandse Versie

Thousands of photos of the Occitanie region of France
Thousands of photos of the Midi/Occitanie region of France

Property sales
Notes and stories on property sales in France

The Occitan or Occitanie region of Southern France

Midi, Languedoc-Rousillion & Occitanie regional information

La Ségala région
The Segala region of the Midi

Béziers in the Midi region of the France

Community Computing, BOINC & Folding@home

Cascade Restaurant
Our old canal-side restaurant near Le Somail, 1989 - 2001


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