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Le Ségala is situated in the most beautiful part of the "Massif Centrale", the high plateau in the middle of France. It covers a large part of the Department of the Aveyron, the majority of the Tarn and includes parts of the neighbouring Departments of Lot, Cantal and Tarn et Garonne. The principle cities in the region are Albi, Cahors, Rodez and Millau.

It is known as the "Land of a Hundred Valleys" ― and has varying weather and landscapes, and the history of different areas varies to. Its tumultuous past is divided up into the Cathare Crusades, the 100 Years War, the Wars of Religion. The positive side of this rather violent history is to give you a wide choice of places to visit from the Middle Ages. The region is rich in Bastides (small fortified towns), magnificent churches, and very interesting old Châteaux.

It is home for two of the most famous cheeses of France - Roquefort & Cantal and because of the beautiful rolling farmland & pastures, the farm produce is exceptional.
Map of the Segala region
This section has never been completed, there are lots of other interesting places to visit in the Ségala région, but I moved to Béziers and two hours each way to Rodez meant that I lost the energy.


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