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The tower of Peyrebrune

The tower of Peyrebrune The top of the tower of Peyrebrune

The tower of Peyrebrune in the commune of Alrance is built on a granite peak. It bears witness to the past of the Castle of the Lords of Panat (11th -15th centuries). Rectangular in shape the castle has five arched levels. In the 17th century Cardinal Richelieu had the walls and strongholds of the Midi dismantled to sanction the Calvinist chieftains. Peyrebrune was not spared.
The lords of Peyrebrune who had become Protestants had fought alongside the Calvinists, and only the dungeon of the fortress was saved.
In 1848 the tower was damaged by a group probably inspired by revolutionary ideas. From 1898 the Lamouroux Curates of Alrance purchased the tower and built a chapel, a stairway and placed a statue of the Virgin at its summit. They created an annual pilgrimage to the tower every August. This pilgrimage continues to this day.
Aerial view of The tower of Peyrebrune
View from the foot of the tower of Peyrebrune OPENING TIMES

June & September
Sundays 15:00 to 18:30.

July & August
14:00 to 18:30 everyday.

Entrance : €2/person


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