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MILLAU - The Autoroute Viaduct

The new motorway viaduct at Millau The road bridge on the A75 autoroute, the highest road bridge in the world - taller than the Eiffel Tower. Note the scale by the houses on the edge of the town of Millau, and in particular the old bridge over the river Tarn.

Designed by Lord (Norman) Foster

photo - Maggie Comley.
The new viaduct at Millau
The valley of the Tarn at Millau The Viaduct over the river Tarn at Millau

In the above panorama the bridge is just visible on the left against the darker hills. This gives some idea of the scale of the undertaking and also shows how something so modern can harmonise with its surroundings. The saving in time and distance compared to the old route through the center of Millau is amazing and the town has benefited by not having the constant problem of traffic hold-ups, Millau is a much more attractive town and well worth a visit now that you can get there and park.

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A video recorded 27th September 2019 on a trip to Florac-Trois-Rivières in the Lozère department of the Occitanie region of France.


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