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Brousse le Château

Brousse le Ch‚teau on the river Tarn
Brousse le Chateau, cross on bridge Brousse le Château nestles in the “Gorges of the river Tarn” at the confluence of the rivers Tarn and Alrance, the first bordering it on one side the second running through the village and spanned by a magnificent Romanesque stone bridge (note the cross in the centre),

This bridge (1366) is the main route to the castle, which once belonged to the Counts of Arpajon & Rodez, with its six towers around the walls the mediaeval architecture is stunning.

The town was founded during the ninth century, the construction of the castle spans the thirteenth to eighteenth centuries.
Brousse le Chateau, Romanesque bridge crossing the river Alrance
Once across the bridge the streets are narrow and fairly steep that lead to the church and castle, but well worth the effort.
Brousse le Chateau, steps Brousse le Chateau, narrow street Brousse le Chateau narrow lane
One can see from the first photo how high you climb to the castle, you pass the church bell tower at head height.
Brousse le Chateau Church / Eglise Brousse le Chateau, Chateau


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